Martin Doherty discusses band's first release
Elliot Mitchell

15:43 5th June 2013

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It has been confirmed that CHVRCHES will release their much anticipated debut album in September.

Although a specific date is yet to be announced, Martin Doherty, one third of the Scottish trio, revealed the month of release in a recent interview with music website Drowned In Sound.

As well as release plans, Doherty also discussed what fans can expect from the record, including shared vocals across the album.

"A lot of the time we write a song and it’s in a weird key for Lauren or something by accident and we’ve just got to try vocals on it and see how it goes," he said.

"I suppose with the first three songs, they were Lauren lead ones and people didn’t realise that there’s a lot of shared vocals. I think at the moment there will be at least two songs that I sing lead vocals."

Listen to Chvrches new track 'Gun' below

A tracklist for the album is currently unknown, however it is assumed it will feature the four tracks that the trio have released so far, including the endlessly optimistic 'Gun' which dropped last month.

CHVRCHES are currently touring North America, however they will return to the UK in July to play festivals including T In The Park and Latitude. For more information visit Gigwise Tickets.

Below: 2013 albums we can't wait to hear

  • The Strokes - Comedown Machine: Isn't everyone just hoping and praying that The Strokes can reach a perfect comeback conclusion by delivering one of the best albums of the year? Unfortunately the tracks that have leaked so far haven't quite been up to the band's high standards of the early 00s, but that doesn't mean the album will follow suit. Let's hope one of the most genre defining bands of an important era can keep their cool and give us what we want to hear.

  • Kanye West - TBA: We have all been getting a bit annoyed with Kanye recently. He's tarnished his super-cool reputation by dating reality star Kim Kardashian and his recent on stage rants have left fans yelling at him to 'get on with it'. However, West is still one of the most talented rappers and producers around and he usually delivers with his records. Each album seems to be a different experiment and although that's admirable, wouldn't it be amazing to see West return to his roots and release another College Dropout?

  • Fall Out Boy - Save Rock And Roll: Is it cool to like Fall Out Boy again? Probably not, but that doesn't lessen the excitement for the comeback - sorry, un-hiatus. Before the break, Fall Out Boy were already heading down a new path with their last album Folie a Deux. Featuring stacked vocals, four piece horn sections, and a viral campaign surrounding it, there's no doubt it'll be interesting to see what they do next.

  • Solange - TBA: Stepping out of Beyonce's shadow was an impressive feat. Most superstars' younger siblings simply hide away or ride on their brother/sister's coat tails all the way to the bank. But with the music Solange was releasing at the end of 2012, it looked like there was a very real risk of her overshadowing her older sister. Her third album, and the first as the artist the world knows her as now, is supposedly due this year. Chances are it will be fantastic.

  • Savages - TBA: Explosive post-punk band Savages have barely even begun to show us what they're capable of. The all-girl four-piece so far only have two official songs out, but it was enough to thrust them into the running for BBC Sound of 2013 and, despite not winning, we're still hoping that they'll soundtrack our year. 'Husbands' is a jagged shriek of despair - with promise of more to come.

  • Iggy Azalea - The New Classic: Having comfortably dethroned Azealia Banks and Angel Haze as the most exciting female rapper in decades, the debut album from Australia's Iggy Azalea is eagerly anticipated. She seems more prolific than Haze, and, frankly, less of a d**khead than Banks. Her most recent track, 'Work', proved that 'Pu$$y' wasn't a fluke and coolly dismissed her competition. If you want to get excited about a female rapper, this is the one.

  • Snoop Lion - Reincarnated: 'Excited' wouldn't be the right word. Waiting for Snoop's reggae album is a bit like waiting in a doctor's room to find out what the growth in your armpit is - it's not going to be something good, but you still have to know. The involvement of Chris Brown and Drake - and to some extent Diplo - means that reggae fans aren't going to see Reincarnated as anything other than awful, but we'll have to know exactly what it is he's done.

  • Tribes - Wish To Scream: The follow-up to 2012's Baby has been recorded in the Los Angeles Sound City Studios which immediately should give the album a certain amount of gravitas. Easily one of the most eagerly anticipated indie records of 2013 - and the tracks that have been made available so far seem to demonstrate what a huge album this could be.

  • Beyonce - TBA: Everyone's pleased to have Beyonce back in music. She's as much a cultural institution as she is a vocalist these days, and more and more people are in love with the person rather than the music. But she has had some amazing tracks to her name in the past, and it'll be interesting to see whether he much-hyped comeback sees her matching the likes of 'Single Ladies'.

  • AlunaGeorge - Body Music: Possibly the most exciting new act in the UK at themoment, a lot is expected of AlunaGeorge. Their collaboration with Disclosure, 'White Noise', was everywhere for a few weeks, and their latest single 'Attracting Flies' proves they're ready to make the move to the mainstream. Their album, due in July, will be the true test of whether the duo have what it takes to be a truly great musical act.

  • Haim - TBA: Haim have a lot to live up to this year, and so far they're showing no signs of underachieving. Currently taking SXSW by storm, the sisters have already garnered a ton of attention just by virtue of their Forever EP. So far they've been compared to everyone from Friends to Gloria Estefan. Here's hoping that their album will finally allow Haim to define their own sound. Either way, we can't wait to hear it.

  • Daft Punk - No End: Who isn't excited about Daft Punk? No one, that's who. They've already begun teasing us with TV clips and online images, and we think the new album can't be far away. Allegedly far more disco-influenced than their previous records (thanks to the involvement of Nile Rogers), those who've heard it claim the new record rivals the French robots' best.

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