Frontman Tom Chaplin says news was 'twisted'
Gaby Whitehill

10:32 22nd October 2013

Keane have announced that reports of a split that circulated in the past few days are not true.

In news that shocked and interested precisely nobody, The Sun on Sunday reported that the perpetual wet blankets would be going their separate ways after the November release of their greatest hits compilation, The Best of Keane. 

However, frontman Tom Chaplin told Real Radio Yorkshire that the rumours are false.

"This is something that has been twisted by one particular article in one particular newspaper over the weekend," he said. Chaplin went on to reassure fans the East Sussex four piece would simply be taking a hiatus: "We'd like to take a bit of time out from being Keane."  

Watch the video for 'Somewhere Only We Know' below

During the said hiatus, Chaplin will reportedly be working on solo material, whilst keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley will work with other artists. 

It was reported last week that singer Lily Allen will allegedly be covering Keane's Magic FM hit 'Somewhere Only We Know' that bought them commercial success in 2004. Allen, who is in the stages of making her own musical comeback, is said to be recording a version of the track for the infamous tear-provoking John Lewis Christmas adverts.

Below - Who would shock no-one by splitting up?:

  • The Kooks: They came out of Brighton in 2004 and enjoyed moderate success for a few years before seemingly disappearing. Are they still plugging away?

  • Still going: The band have survived line-ups changes, dwindling sales and general public indifference. Currently to be found scratching their heads and trying to recreate their early triumphs.

  • Dirty Pretty Things: Carl Barat formed the largely unloved rockers from ashes of The Libertines in 2005. Have they defied the odds and survived for a whole five years longer than The Libertines themselves?

  • Split: Thankfully they only lasted until 2008. It left Barat with more time for his real passion, hanging around looking faintly ridiculous on football pitches.

  • Limp Bizkit: Nu-Metal mercifully died a death a long time ago, but did anyone tell Durst and co?

  • Still going: Apparently not. They have gamely stuck at it at released single and video 'Ready To Go' in July of this year. The band did split in 2005 but fulfilled nobody's wishes by returning in 2009. Durst is also waiting to hear back about his photo shoot for 'Big and Beardy' magazine.

  • Glasvegas: Back in 2007, with a little help from fellow Scot Alan McGee, the Glaswegians were riding on the crest of a wave with sell-out tours and stunning album sales. They split from label Columbia four years later, but did that spell the end for the band?

  • Still going: They have refused to admit defeat just yet, despite new album Later...When the TV Turns to Static selling fewer than 3000 copies on its release this year. Ouch.

  • Blink 182: Incredibly, the band go all the way back to 1992. They hit the big time with Enema of the State in 1999. That was 14 years ago now though, depressing as that fact is.

  • Still going: What's my age again? Far too old to be playing teenage skate punk. That clearly hasn't stopped them though.

  • The Von Bondies: Back when anyone cared, Jason Stollsteimer of the band had a very public falling out with old friend Jack White. Pawn Shoppe Heart was the band's biggest album around 10 years ago.

  • Split: They called it a day in 2011. Don't you remember the teams of counsellors that they placed into call centres to talk distressed fans down from the rooftops? No, we don't either.

  • Basement Jaxx: Seemingly unstoppable around the turn of the century, very easy to ignore since.

  • Still going: They have so far released 7 studio albums. An extra thousand points to anyone who can name all 7.

  • Supergrass: Alright was one of the biggest, if ultimately most annoying, songs of the nineties. They were only 16 when they wrote it. Did their young bodies and minds survive the demands of rock stardom?

  • Split: They finally called time on the band in 2010. Singer Gaz Coombes was ludicrously still only 34 at the time.

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