The traditional football match anthem was given a twist
Alexandra Pollard

10:45 5th September 2014

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Maltese football players preparing to sing the national anthem yesterday (4 September) were instead treated to a short excerpt from Linkin Park's 'Numb'. Watch it below.

The blunder, as The Independent point out, happened ahead of the country's friendly against Slovakia, ahead of which both countries sing their respective national anthems. Instead of playing the orchestral Maltese national anthem instrumental though, whoever was in control of the sound decided to play Linkin Park's 2003 nu-metal track instead.

Thankfully (OK, sadly) the error didn't last longer than a second or so, but it didn't escape the attention of the temporarily amused and confused players.

Watch the Linkin Park / national anthem blunder on a loop below

In case you wondered, this is what the Maltese national anthem should sound like

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