Car Seat Headrest, So Pitted, Youryoungbody, and more great new artists to check out
Cai Trefor

17:41 4th April 2016

There's so much more to Seattle than Nirvana, you know? The city has always been a strong breeding ground for hot new talent - it remains so to this day.

Two of the most famous contributing factors as to why it's such a good place for new music include the fact it's home to one of the best venues for new music in the world, Neumos. It's also home to the best radio station for new music in the world (sorry 6music!) in the form of KEXP. 

Admittedly nostalgia forms a big part of Seattle's rock culture thanks to the obscenely good grunge days in the 90s. But our curiosity in the new bands who could become influential for future generations is strong. So we've carefully selected these few who are on their debut album or still releasing EP's because they are seriosuly strong additions to the scene and are aritsts worth buying records from.

  • Car Seat Headrest: Although Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest self released 12 albums via Bandcamp, 2015 saw him release, Teens of Style, on Matador Records. As the first record to be released on a proper label - they currently have Queens of The Stone Age on their roster - this has created a surge of interest in the band's lo-fi experimental rock from all over the world. The band are easily one of the most interesting new acts around at the moment. His second album for Matador, Teens of Denial, will be out on 20 May and lead single 'Drunk Drivers/ Killer Whales' is a strong introduction. Fans of Beatles-esque 60s songwriting, 80s jangle pop, and 90s grunge will find him a welcome long term addition to their classic collection.

  • Youryoungbody: Stunningly beautiful self produced dark electro synth pop. The duo made a KEXP session appearance at the end of last year and showed they have what it takes to make the jump out of Seattle's local scene and on to an international audience.

  • Crater: Electronic beats with a hint of the avant-garde and psychedelic. The gorgeous vocals of Ceci Gomez are a glorious match for the soundscapes. The band released their debut LP Talk to Me so I Can Fall Asleep earlier this year via Help Yourself Records to some positive reviews.

  • Fauna Shade: Their immediately striking gravelly vocals and reverb-drenched guitars are a great combination. Fans of The Growlers looking for a new band to believe in should look no further. They released their debut LP at the end of last year and played a KEXP session last month (March). Bigger things surely await these guys.

  • Gazebos: Gazebos make artful post punk and are fortunate to have the talented Shannon Perry, who resembles a curly haired Siouxie Sioux as a front woman. They are signed to Sub Pop's off-kilter sister label, Hardly Art and put out their debut album in February this year.

  • So Pitted: They sound like a mechanical super-heavy Devo crossbred with The Jesus Mary Chain or early-Flaming Lips. Real intense explosion of nihilistic, sci-fi punk. Their debut album Neo came out on Sub Pop this February.

  • Charms: A noisy synth punk outfit who sound like they can lift the roof off a small venues live. They have made an adrenalising entry with their track 'Seprator' a couple of years ago and have just been in the studio making new music.

  • Killer Ghost: These wonderful surf rock/ psych rockers / Beach Boys lovers have released two amazing EPs and a KEXP session on cassette via lo-fi music specialist label Sands Vacation. Their music could have been made any time in the last 50 years as they seemingly record in a very similar vein to how rock 'n roll was traditionally made. We hope to see an album at some point soon.

  • Mombutt: Airy vocals, simple drum beats, and sparse clean guitars come together in an effortlessly melodic whole. Their 'lil Demo' and their 'album sneak peak' on Bandcamp are a modest, lo-fi introduction. And their dreamy garage rock has a broad appeal, and could do well.

  • Gifted Gab: Gifted Gab's first and only full length LP is recorded to the standard that many rappers who are on a major label have. She is a natural talent and her upbeat raps set to a slick backbeat are an engaging listen

  • Mommy Long Legs: Brat punk feminists with an angry attitude that's refreshingly rebellious. They confront many of life's ills, including the subordination of women on a structural level. The words: "Don't wanna be another Ashley / Don't wanna count my fucking calories / Don't wanna worry about my body 'cause dickheads will like me," from their stand out track 'Assholes' on their debut EP of the same name is pretty exemplary of their fearlessness and confrontational style. They've also got a debut album called Life Rips out on Bandcamp.

  • White Water: Very new high energy dark wave / shoegaze project from Killian from Youryoungbody and his girlfriend Úna. They have a couple of hard hitting EPs out already and are working on a follow up, which we're excited to hear.

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