As Ke$ha rips the heart out of Blur's 'Song 2' - see all time worst
Michael Baggs

10:43 23rd May 2012

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The ever charming Ke$ha has sampled Blur's indie classic 'Song 2' on a track from her new album. The track, imaginitively titled 'Woo Hoo', samples the chorus melody of Blur's 1997 hit. It is, quite frankly, horrible.

But of course, pop stars plundering the back catalogues of rock legends is an all too familiar occurence in music. Need a hit of instant credibility? Throw a rock track onto your album or in your setlist on tour. A few guitars and a leather jacket - it's easy right? Yeah, maybe not...

From shameful attempts from the likes of Girls Aloud, Take That and Madonna to modern abominations from The Voice judges and X Factor alumni - they're all here in our gallery. Kings Of Leon, Oasis, Biffy Clyro, The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice Cooper, Arctic Monkey's and more - no one is safe.

Check out the worst pop covers of all time below - if you have the stomach for it...

  • Ke$ha - Blur 'Song 2': The US pop singer lifted the iconic vocal riff from the Brit band's classic track for her new tune 'Woo Hoo'. Bet Damon Albarn never had autotune and a europop beat in mind when he wrote this one...

  • The Voice UK juges - U2 'Beautiful Day': On a show where almost everything goes wrong, this performance by the show's 'professional' judges still managed to stand out. Worth watching for The Script's Danny O'Donoghue and his attempts at rocking out on the BBC show.

  • Girls Aloud / Sugababes - Aerosmith 'Walk This Way': Sure, it was for Comic Relief, but even the starving children in Africa deserve better than cacophany.

  • 5ive - Queen 'We Will Rock You': In one of Queen's earliest pop miss-steps, they teamed up with dreadful boyband 5ive for a cover of their own hit. Notoriously terrible.

  • Britney Spears - Joan Jett 'I Love Rock and Roll': We're not sure Britney love anything other than her iced mochas and her cigarettes, but she tried to convince us otherwise on this cover of the eighties rock classic.

  • Leona Lewis - Oasis 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out': Sure, it worked on her cover of Snow Patrol's 'Run', but Leona Lewis' attempt at covering this Oasis classic fell flat. She went for a it a third time in 2011 when she covered Nine Inch Nails 'Hurt' as well. Will Slipknot get the Leona treatment next?

  • Matt Cardle - Biffy Clyro 'Many Of Horror': Poor old Matt Cardle. Now dropped from his record label, he wasn't even granted the dignity of being allowed to keep Biffy Clyro's original 'Many Of Horror' title on his debut single 'When We Collide'

  • Marcus Collins - White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army': Simply awful - and not even an original idea. A carbon copy of French singer Ben L'Oncle Soul's reworking.

  • Joss Stone - White Stripes 'Fell In Love With A Boy': Still one of the biggest earning UK music artists, the world fell for this Westcountry singer and her dreary cover of this Jack White classic.

  • Little Mix - Damien Rice 'Cannonball': Many wondered what Damien Rice was thinking when he permitted his bitter classic 'Cannonball' to be covered by 2011 X Factor winners Little Mix. Money. That's what he was thinking.

  • All Saints - Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Under The Bridge': Not sure the nineties girlband really conveyed the original's message of a man dealing with a heroin addiction on this embarassingly misjudged cover...

  • Glee - Journey 'Don't Stop Believing': The song that unleashed a musical monster upon charts the world over. Still, these kids sure can sing...

  • Mel B - Cameo 'Word Up': When the Spice Girls came to an end, five underwhelming solo careers were born. Melanie Brown's the least impressive of all.

  • Tina Cousins - Kings Of Leon 'Sex On Fire': Make it stop. DEAR LORD, MAKE IT STOP!

  • Avril Lavigne - Bob Dylan 'Knocking On Heaven's Door': Another charity effort, another classic crumbles.

  • Take That - Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit': We're not sure what's more offensive about this Take That's live cover of the Nirvana classic - the song itself or the number of nipples on display on the stage.

  • Hilary Duff - The Who 'My Generation': When Hilary Duff sings about 'her generation' we assume she means the generation of priviledged LA starlets who churn out dreadful music and awful movies on a worryingly regular basis?

  • Daphne and Celeste - Alice Cooper 'School's Out': Perhaps one of history's worst pop band's, the bubble burst for this horrific US duo when they released this flop cover of the Alice Cooper rock hit.

  • Sugababes - Arctic Monkeys 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor: Hardly the worst cover on the list, this note-for-note cover was a shameless attempt at credibility from the ever-changing girlband. It takes more than a few guitars to convince people you've gone rock girls...

  • Madonna - Don McLean 'American Pie': The saddest thing about Madonna's 'American Pie' cover is how good it sounds compared to the terrible europop she's churning out these days...

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