UK punk band still hugely influential
Adam Tait

11:36 23rd June 2013

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The Clash are to receive the The Silver Clef Award for outstanding contribution to UK music at this year’s ceremony for the 38th edition of the awards.

Previous winners of the award, which is the main prize of the event, include British icons like Queen, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd as well as more dubious selections M People and Dido.

Funds raised by the event are donated to the Nordoff-Robbins music therapy charity. Nordoff-Robbins chairman David Munns said of this year’s reciepients: “The Clash’s music has just as much influence today as it did when they came onto the music scene in 1976. It is no wonder London Calling has been described as one of the most influential rock albums of all time.”

He added: “Having been enormously influential in the UK music scene for over 35 years, I can think of no band more deserving of this award than The Clash.”

Reacting to news of the award Clash guitarist Mick Jones said: “Nordoff-Robbins do great work and it feels special to be recognised at the O2 Silver Clef Awards.”

London Calling is still regarded as one of the most influential albums ever

The Clash rose to prominence amid London’s blossoming punk scene in the 1970s but proved far more versatile than other punk bands like the Sex Pistols.

Their seminal album London Calling was released in December 1979 but was named best album of the year in 1980 by Rolling Stone.

Joe Strummer passed away in 2002, just before the band were due to reunite on stage to mark their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Below: Joe Strummer, Kurt Cobain and more - the best frontmen of all time

  • Bon Scott (AC/DC) - Tragic figurehead of the bands original line-up, complete with vocal chords unlike any other.

  • Andre 3000 (Outkast) - Not to be mistaken for the T2000

  • Bob Marley - 'No Woman No Cry', 'Who Shot The Sheriff' etc etc etc... Need we say more.

  • Axl Rose (Guns And Roses) - While he should probably put a cork in it these days, him and slash were a killer duo

  • Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) - Iconic frontman of the hugely iconic 90s band.

  • Jon Bon Jovi - Cheesy frontman with no regrets for his appearance on Ally Mcbeal.

  • Alice Cooper - Gritty rocker who apparently through a chicken into a baying crowd in the heat of the moment.

  • Chuck D (Public Enemy) - When hip-hop got angry.

  • Bruce Springsteen - American Legend.

  • David Byrne (The Talking Heads) - Much sought after vocalist with a legacy of stupidly catchy tunes.

  • Bono (U2) - Currently fighting it out with Chris Martin for the world's most annoying frontman title.

  • Buddy Holly - Still going on strong having passed the 80 years old mark!

  • Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) - Pearl Jam are one of the greatest contemporary rock bands out there, led by Eddie's hugely strong vocals.

  • Elvis - Lip curling, tracksuit wearing goodness.

  • Freddy Mercury (Queen) - One of the ultimate greats.

  • David Bowie - None other than Ziggy Stardust.

  • Jack White (The White Stripes) - Incestuous rock legend in the making.

  • Elton John - Everyones favorite potty mouth.

  • James Hetfield - Multi-tasking mettaller who likes to growl quite a lot.

  • James Brown - The original microphone damager.

  • Maynard James Keenan (Tool) - Prog rock god.

  • David Lee Roth (Van Halen) - Longstanding legend.

  • Jimi Hendrix - Likes to use guitars as toothpicks.

  • Jim Morrison - Poet and visionary.

  • Joey Ramone (The Ramones) - Original punk.

  • Iggy Pop - Car insurance salesman who has never worn a shirt in his life.

  • Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' for the Christmas number one?

  • Johnny Rotten (The Sex Pistols) - Fought the system and now rates Country Life Butter.

  • Liam Gallagher (Oasis) - No nonsense punch-up lover.

  • Joe Strummer (The Clash) - Was in some band called The Clash.

  • Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) - Wrinkly rocker still rocking away.

  • Little Richard - "The Architect Of Rock And Roll"

  • Mike Patton (Faith No More) - Influenced The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rage Against The Machine.

  • Noel Gallagher (Oasis) - Sibling rivalry can be a bitch.

  • Tupac Shakur - Still releasing music from a holdiay resort in Barbados.

  • Otis Redding - The original G.

  • Robert Smith (The Cure) - Resembling Beetljuice more and more these days.

  • Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) - Verdant vocalist.

  • Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) - SHAARRRRRROOOONNNNNN!

  • Michael Jackson - "The King Of Pop".

  • Paul McCartney (The Beatles) - Songwriter extraordinare.

  • Prince - Formerly the artist formley known as Prince.

  • Zach De La Rocha (Rage Against The Machine) - Raptivist

  • Rod Stewart - Wrinkly pimp.

  • Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) - Saved the planet from a meteor, but left Bruce Willis behind.

  • Thom Yorke (Radiohead) - Warbling wonder.

  • Rob Halford (Judas Priest) - Still preaching like it ain't no thang.

  • Roger Daltrey (The Who) - Enough said really...

  • Sting (The Police) - Vocal vocalist.

  • Trent Reznor

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