One of the best slices of indie-pop you’re likely to hear this year
Tom Dibb
16:43 8th July 2021

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Fast-rising indie darlings Drug Store Romeos release their debut album The world within our bedrooms this Friday (9 July), and it's a stellar collection of wonderfully crafted psychedelic pop with a groove-focused and stoner rock-tinged glisten.

Kicking off the album is ‘Building Song’, immediately throwing the listener into the synth-driven pop that Drug Store Romeos have built their stellar reputation around. Guitars and drums complement each other throughout the introduction of the track before the shoegaze, space-age vocal delivery comes in, taking the track to a truly far out place.

This psychedelic dream-pop charm is the foundation upon which the album roots itself, in-particular with cuts such as ‘Elevator’ and ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ - both standouts. The latter especially captures the unique and wonderful nature of the Romeo’s sound, the bassline pushing it forward into psychedelic wonder. Within the track, the pace and intensity is picked up, with the drums pushing harder than on any of the album's other cuts.

This is not to state that the album doesn’t demonstrate a wide tapestry of sounds: far from it. At points the album drifts into an interestingly strange electronica sound. ‘Walking Talking Marathon’ as well as ‘No Placing’ showcase how expertly Drug Store Romeos can bend genres to their will, and craft brilliant songs with a wide range of tones. ‘No Placing’ in particular highlights these electro-tones expertly, with tight and crisp guitar hooks making way for sleek and smooth synth tones.

As the album reaches its climax, its tone shifts dramatically by shifting away from crisp and upbeat dream pop and developing into a slower, more melancholic album. Cuts such as, ‘Circle of Life’ and ‘Adult Glamour’ ditch the pop-sensibility and sound more akin to lullabies. It comes as a refreshing change of pace for the album, and shows a more mature and deep-thinking side to the group. 

The world within our bedrooms is a stellar debut. Light and airy with heavier and introspective moments, the album shows the tour de force that Drug Store Romeos are set to be. One of the best slices of indie-pop you’re likely to hear this year, The world within our bedrooms is the perfect summer time accompaniment. 

The world within our bedrooms arrives 9 July via Fiction Records.

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