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Jessie Atkinson
13:06 14th December 2021

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Before the scream there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Ashnikko's appearance in London represents something abundance of elf ears and blue hair in the crowd, for example. But it's the moment that the walls of Kentish Town Forum literally shake with the sound of those assembled that the truth becomes obvious: Ashnikko is a uniquely popular star. 

Teed up by a fantastic, naturally charismatic performance by Tkay Maidza and a Megan Thee Stallion-heavy set from DJ Krystal Lake, Ashnikko comes on stage to the loudest decibel-to-capacity volume I've experienced in my career so far—a sound that almost literally blows you off your feet.

The volume stays almost consistently at that level for the entire hour-long set, both through the screams of the crowd—which is animated to the point of demonic possession—and the quake of the bass, which is so powerful as to be visible on phone videos.

The madness continues from opener 'Tantrum' through career highlight 'STUPID', motivational rap-ballad 'Working Bitch' and 'Deal With It', a song that has 2,000+ people screaming the Kelis sample "I hate you so much right now". 

Weaker DEMIDEVIL track 'L8r Boy' takes on a new life live, the Avril Lavigne remix joining demented hands to make up a long and cursed paper chain of brain-blowing hyper-pop songs. The rest of the set-list bursts forth like an alien from a chest cavity, with a little heartfelt break for Ashnikko's only two slow ones 'Good While It Lasted' and 'Panic Attacks In Paradise'.

With 'Cry', the Forum explodes once again, the enthusiasm of those assembled making it feel as though the floor might well collapse. What is certain is that Ashnikko has very devoted fans: even her lesser known songs are no such thing here. It's almost enough to convince you that her weaker tracks are bangers.

On a night like tonight, it can be overwhelming to see the love that fans have been building up at home and in their headphones on the bus in the absence of live shows. God knows what it feels like for Ashnikko, but from the devotion on display tonight, it seems like they're going to have to get used to it.

Ashnikko played:

Working Bitch
Deal With It
L8r Boi
Little Boy
Drunk With My Friends
Slumber Party
Good While It Lasted
Panic Attacks In Paradise
Halloweenie IV: Innards

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