An almighty and all-showering explosion of a musical climax...
Tristan O'Hana

15:13 12th August 2009

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I’m not going to write the whole title of Mew’s upcoming album, because I’ll be halfway to my designated word count. ‘No more stories…’ is nothing less than what you’d expect from the critically acclaimed Danish rockers. It’s beautiful, it’s punchy, it’s progressively powerful and it’s everything a Mew fan could and should want. 

The first three tracks display the unique, avant-garde music persistently produced by Mew. I don’t think you’d be heavily criticised for sometimes thinking the obscure, off-beat progression dominates the fluency of some tracks, but, like Michael Jackson’s death, you’ll get over it.

‘Reapeaterbeater’ has got to be a personal favourite of the record. As the chorus comes in, the studio effects create an almighty and all-showering explosion of musical climax. It’s as if some kind of instrumental drainage system of compressed synthesizers, pounding bass and emphatic vocals has erupted into the air, and hung there in all it’s glory.

Mew are forever dedicated to their vocals. There’s rarely a moment on the album when both harmonies aren’t intertwining so perfectly, that you have to ask yourself why these cult-classic Danes aren’t renowned on a more mainstream status.

‘A Dream’ clocks up over 7 minutes of slow, progressive euphoria. Although long, the track doesn’t drag in the slightest. I found it like a translatable Sigur Ros, with less strings. It could quite easily have been the intro theme to Planet Earth.

The album shines through with versatility. One minute you’ll be listening to soft piano and a delicate voice, the next some funky samba beats will be mixing it up with some Doves-like, reverberating guitars. All this diversity could easily get lost in the production stages, but I’m happy to say it doesn’t.

Producer, Rich Costey, who boasts work with Muse, Glasvegas and NIN, has constructed this spectacular record wonderfully. Much like the previous bands he’s worked with, a giant sound was an essential asset and with Mew, he’s achieved it once again.

If you’ve never heard of Mew, start listening. If you’re part of their cult crew, get ready, as this album and the November tour, are sure to be nothing short of spellbinding.

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