Manchester band discuss chart music, Girls Aloud, indie bands and X Factor

17:35 23rd January 2013

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Manchester band Delphic have spoken of their love for pop music, saying they prefer well crafted pop records over indie bands who fail to challenge with their music.

The band have previously spoken openly about their dislike for the state of popular music, and claim they wanted to 'bloody change it'. However, despite a dislike for modern chart music, the band have revealed that they have a love for pop acts such as Britney Spears and Girls Aloud, claiming their music can be more interesting than a lot of their indie contemporaries.

"Obviously, you just have to look at the charts to see various DJs who are making the lowest common denominator of music," says Matt Cocksedge, in an interview with Gigwise. "It's been going on for some time now. It's boring and depressing."

"It's hard because you can't help but admire those people as well. We're not just indie rebels who hate pop, we love pop music and we've made a pop record," adds Richard Boardman, in reference to the band's new album, Collections.

"We've spoken among ourselves at length about how we have more admiration for Britney Spears, who has a song like 'Toxic' written for her by a team of the best song writers ever assembled," says James Cook. "People would still rather go and buy 'indie album XYZ', which feels so plain to us, and feels like there's nothing challenging on there.

"We're much more on the side where, if it has been well written and there is something challenging, trying to push pop forward, then we're going to be behind it."

Watch the band discussing pop, indie and the X Factor influence below

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Collections is released on 28 January. Check back on Gigwise next week for the full interview.

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