Watch the Ukrainian six-piece's performance on Gigwise first
Alexandra Pollard

11:39 15th December 2014

Ukrainian six-piece The Erised have revealed a studio-shot live video for their new track 'Pray'. Watch it first on Gigwise below.

The band, whose name we can only hope is a Harry Potter reference, are signed to forward-thinking London label Med School. Their debut EP is due for release at the start of next year, and 'Pray' is its lead track.

Their live performance of the track, which was shot in their studio, allows lead singer Sonya Suhorukova's powerful vocals to come to the fore - a place in which they seem entirely at home.

Watch The Erised perform 'Pray' below

To pre-order The Erised's debut EP, visit either the Hospital Shop's website, or Google Play.

To find out more about The Erised, find them on:


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