Fame-seeking harlots…
Davina Earl

12:35 26th November 2005

The MonkeysArctic Monkey’s frontman Alex Turner has realised the price of fame. Ex-flames of the baby-faced Northerner have noted that he is in the one of the hottest bands around – and have started plaguing him with phone calls and text messages.

The band’s guitarist, Jamie Cook, says: “One of his friends told her he was in a band now and that we had just got signed. Then she says, ‘Oh, can I have his number’ and then started calling loads.”

He added to the Star: “Another one rang the day we went to number one.”

“She went to school with me and Alex. We all lost contact completely after school, and then she pretended she didn’t recognise us in a queue for a club a year later.”

“That influenced a song we’ve got now...But when we had a hit, she got Alex’s number from someone a few weeks ago.”

“So she phones one day and says congratulations and ‘text me your number, we’ll have to get together and go out sometime.”

“Yeah – right luv, I’m never even going to text you.”

Not only fame-seeking, then, but also thick as two short planks – she phoned him to ask for his number?? What?!


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