The band are about to make their live return
11:22 8th August 2022

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The time has come. Arctic Monkeys are returning. After years of silence, the band are about to set out on a string of live dates that fans are predicting will be the launch of a new era. Expecting (read: hoping) to hear some new tracks from whatever project they’ve been busy working on, it seems like we’re about to get our first clues of what's to come. 

But will it be leather jacket clad indie? Suck It And See style rockabilly? Or something totally new and outlandish? The Gigwise team shared their predictions…

80s Influence 

I think it's going to be a continuation of their tranquillity base sound with maybe a slight 80s vibe instead. The synthesisers are definitely here to stay but maybe slightly on the poppier side. Fashion wise I'm thinking flared trousers, maybe a pop of colour and Alex perhaps bringing back the long hair whilst Matt sits at the back in his trackies or jeans like always. - Faith Martin

Intergalactic (Again)

Personally, I thought Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino was a phenomenal record and easily their best. So with that in mind, I'll settle for nothing less than another intergalactic masterpiece! I can't really get enough of Alex Turner's lyrical sidewinders and hilariously weird metaphors, so more of that please.

However, this is the Arctic Monkeys and they could quite easily release something as equally dial shifting and barmy. Either way, I'm ready for whatever Turner and the gang have to offer. Bring on album seven! - Luke Winstanley

Indie Sleaze

From the early days of crashing garage rock anthems, through psychedelic experimentations, Josh Homme inspired-desert soundscapes, ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll to concept lounge rock: it’s clear that Arctic Monkeys love a stylistic rebrand. 

What’s next though? With many early fans alienated at 2018’s piano focused ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino’, surely an album of more accessible and upbeat tunes is in order. With “indie sleaze” being popularised again, surely another record of pulsating rock tunes fit for dancefloors and Alex Turner romantic crooning is in order. Failing that, how about an indie/dance crossover? Whatever they produce, I can’t wait to hear it! - Matthew McLister

Alex Turner Dad-Core

I’m hoping for Alex Turner to descend into full-blown dad mode sometime soon. I’ll be furious if there isn’t a hint of a beer belly and the gruff voice of someone who has smoked 10 a day since 15 in the next five years. Cross fingers we see the start of it here! - Megan Walder

The Electro-ification begins

The most exciting element of the imminent return of Arctic Monkeys is that simply...we have no idea what lies in store. After the globe-eating, slinky, R&B infused rock of AM, Alex Turner and co. took a handbrake turn on the formidable Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, which only revealed its genius after a prolonged period in its company. Much like Humbug but more drastically so, it gave them the artistic freedom to go wherever they hell they wanted.

As such, predicting what will happen next is a fool's errand. Apropos of nothing, I would predict a similar, longform style of songs as TBH+C but with added electronica, reflecting Matt Helders' long-held love of the genre. It would also be hard for them to include less guitars than before, and recent photographs of Turner and Jamie Cook have portrayed them as a bit more traditional 'rock star' in attire: (leather jackets, stylish boots, side partings) which suggest a return to the axe. But after so much evolution throughout their career, it would probably be wasted money if I were to place a bet. - Richard Bowes


After Tranquility Base’s not completely unsuccessful foray into Milk-and-Honey-esque lyricism, one can only assume hyperpop is next. (Dear lord please don’t be hyperpop.) - Marcus Wood

That Rocknroll, eh?

I think that AM7 will see a return of a heavier, more guitar driven sound than we saw on Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, potentially like ‘You & I’ with Richard Hawley. Matt Helders told Rick Edwards of 5 Live that the upcoming album “makes sense when you think about it in the context of the last record” and the Instagram of Butley Priory, where the band spent a month recording, revealed that there was a lot of piano and double bass which would lead me to believe that we’re getting something not a million miles away from TBHC but with a more rock and roll influence.

After all, Alex Turner did famously tell everyone, “That rock’n’roll, eh? That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go away. It might hibernate from time to time and sink back into the swamp… But it’s always waiting there, just around the corner, ready to make its way back through the sludge and smash through the glass ceiling, looking better than ever. ” - Niamh Pillnger

Get your northern accent out Alex

As a tranquillity base apologist, I'd be more than happy for another sleaze-filled lounge album as long as they actually committed to the concept this time. I’d love to see them take a true Father John Misty turn with a storytelling concept album, complete with an accompanying film and intimate theatre tour. But considering they’re launching into this era with nothing but huge festival dates, I'm putting my money on Alex Turner trying to claw back the remains of his northern accent to get back on the Tumblr nostalgia train as the LA obsession dies off. - Lucy Harbron

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