The second coming of the cinematic star
Cailean Coffey
14:41 9th August 2022

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Two years on from the release of her previous project Murder in The Dark and 25 year-old Sheffield-born Gia Ford (real name Molly McCormick) is gearing up for the release of brand new music – and what she calls her best work to date.

Inspired by artists such as Neil Young, Nick Cave and Lana Del Ray, Gia first picked up the guitar at 14, quickly picking up the chords for covers of the likes of David Gray and The Cure. After being encouraged by her Dad to start singing her own material, she set to work on writing the haunting, cinematic bangers that fans have come to know her for. After writing tracks such as ‘The Black Sea’ which was inspired by the culutre of Japanese suicide forests she went to Ross Orton’s studio in Sheffield and recorded a series of demos, which she originally uploaded to SoundCloud privately for friends and family. After being praised for her work, she decided to begin making them public; which attracted the attention of her now-manager. Two EP’s later (beginning with 2019’s POSTER BOY) and the time has come to show a new side to Gia Ford, and one she has been developing for as long as she can remember.

“I was about to play a lot of festivals and had lined a lot of things up when the world shut down so it was really annoying,” she recalls of the early pandemic days, before returning determined to make use of her new spare time, working with the likes of Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and Spector. “The break has been a blessing as it’s helped me hone in on a lot of what I really wanted to write,” Ford adds. “I’ve been able to revisit all of my influences and I’m happier with what I’ve been able to create”.

Speaking about her catalogue to date, Ford recalls POSTER BOY as her teenage record, whilst Murder In The Dark reflected her early university years. While she appreciates their importance, she feels her new stuff is more ‘her’, more personable and more lived-in than her tracks of the past. ”Although I’m really proud of those songs I don’t think it was fully me. I was still really influenced by stuff that was going on in the background and what other people wanted to do with me and that type of stuff,” she adds. “My work has always been cinematic but now it feels a bit more sophisticated and real-to-life. It still retains a lot of the concepts of the stuff before, but it feels more grown up and it feels a lot better to me. It’s what I’ve always wanted to write, even as a child”. 

“It’s the best stuff I’ve made so far”. 

'A Car Crash For Two' arrives August 10.

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