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16:34 4th February 2023

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Welcoming in a brand new year, January was a busy one for single releases, album announcements and about a million festival lineup reveals. Starting off our 2023 playlists with a bang, we've already been gifted tracks we know will see us through the year.

Sharing their selects from the month, here's what the Gigwise team had on repeat in January...

'A Place To Lie' - Art School Girlfriend

This is the year’s best sad banger so far. It’s jittery, ravey synths contrast perfectly with Polly Mackey’s (Art School Girlfriend) deadpan, whispery voice. It’s dark and dreamy, the perfect follow up to 2022’s Is It Light Where You Are.

I’ve been using it as an excuse to get back into ASG’s back catalogue this month, revisiting her dreamy synthscapes and melancholy ballads. ‘A Place to Lie’ pivots away from her discography, and signals a move towards a more dance oriented,  complex sound. I can’t wait to hear what comes next! - Martha Storey

'Honey' - Samia

The title track off her highly anticipated new album, Honey is American artist Samia's at her glistening best. With lyrics telling of days spent drunk enough to numb the pain of life as it floats by, juxtaposed with a simple, upbeat guitar line and vocal delivery; which rises to a final crescendo as friends join in an attempt to pull her out from her slumber. 'Honey' is a song glazed in self-deprecation and uncertainty, which, two years on from her debut The Baby, looks set to bring Samia to the masses like never before. - Cailean Coffey

'July' - Szou

The world is always in need of new pop girlies. Sitting pretty in the centre of the venn diagram linking Charli XCX, HAIM and pure singer-songwriter, ballady goodness; 'July' is exactly the kind of track you need at the gloomy start of a new year. Released on Blue Monday and looking forward to warmer, sunnier days; it's honestly kept me going. - Lucy Harbron

'C'est comme ça' - Paramore

Paramore kicked off the year with possibly their most ambitious hit yet. C'est comme ça blends the rage of early Paramore, mixed with the introspection of After Laughter and the sultry spoken word of Hayley William's solo endeavours. Whilst it might be a divisive track for some fans,  C'est comme ça truly marks their next era more than either of their previous releases of this campaign. - David Roskin

'Misbehave' - YOUR ANGEL

Hitting the sweet spot between a dream date and the girl gang you simply can’t wait to tell about it, ‘Misbehave’ is a sugary pop confection about opening yourself up to someone new. The video is 90s rom-com perfection, starring all the blue eyeshadow, frosted lipstick and tiny dogs a girl could dream of. Activate slumber party mode immediately. - Orla Foster

'Is U' - Overmono

A hypnotic throwback to the sound of old school garage with a contemporary dance edge, 'Is U' succeeds by encapsulating both the agony and euphoria found in great electronic music; layers of  fizzing synths and pulsing bass-lines built upon a shuffling two-step rhythm, are given a palpable sense of longing and desire courtesy of the sparse yet aching vocal samples. - Ryan Bell

'LLYLM' - Rosalía

'LLYLM' feels like a return to form for Rosalía... not that she ever left her form in the first place but it definitely has a taste of El Mal Querer sprinkled with the loud minimalism of Motomami. Either way, the song is like crack, one listen and you're hooked, more than one and you get addicted. - Nicole Otero

'Mayday' - CMAT

Ah, thank god for CMAT. I can't think of a better start to the year than a big campy number from Ireland's favourite cowgirl. This time tackling climate change and love, it's her at her best with silly lyrics, maximalist instrumentation and just all round incredible vibes. - Lucy Harbron

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