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Dale Maplethorpe
17:00 21st March 2023

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It doesn’t matter how much music evolves and what kind of technology can be used in order to produce sounds and excite audiences, the fact is that nothing is going to get people excited in the same way that a good riff will. You get that as soon as you turn on ‘Cut Me Out’, the brand new single by James Hersey.

The song is simple in nature but that doesn’t stop it from being a lot of fun. It’s heavy but funky and accessible at the same time. The riff used to accompany lyrics is lovely, inviting dancing and singalong, and James’s singing is hard to find fault with.

“It’s a story of past betrayal, really.” Said James talking about the new single, “forgiven, or at least forgotten, it washed over me again recently. This song is like self-therapy for me. It’s all the words I couldn’t find back then, when I was in the thick of it.”

That past betrayal is highlighted well in not only the lyrics but in the attitude and swagger in which James delivers them. Lines like, “you fuck my mental with your twisted schemes” pack a punch and it’s clear James means every word. That emotiveness, paired with the power of the music means that there is no doubt this song is one to channel through.

The track comes out ahead of James’s new album, which is yet to have an official release date but is likely going to come in 2023. He is also heading out on tour around Europe in October so you’ll be able to see this funk rock number in person.

You can listen to James Hersey’s new single ‘Cut Me Out’ now


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