His farmyard insanity continues to bloom
Andrew Trendell

10:32 31st December 2015

Abz, formerly of 90s boyband 5ive, continues his descent into madness - this time dressing up as a chicken to release a comedy single, 'Cockadoodledoo'. Check it out below.

Life after 5ive has been strange for Abz. At first he claimed he could have been the male Lady Gaga, then he became the star of BBC2's Abz On The Farm - before selling his BRIT Award to buy soil. Yes, that was a real sentence

"I'd describe 'COCKADOODLEDO' as a cross between Soulja Boy 'Crank That' and 'Old McDonald had a Farm'," he said in a press release that actually exists. "All proceeds will go towards running and expanding our farm, starting with topsoil, gardening tools and some corn for me chickens."

He's also planning to release an album of farm-themed 5ive covers to aid his cause. 

"We've got 'If Ya Chicken's Brown' instead of 'If Ya Gettin' Down', and 'Keep on Moo-ving' - that's another one," he said. "And 'Lamb Dunk (Da Funk)' instead of 'Slam Dunk (Da Funk)'. Wait, it gets better! I've got 'When the Mice Go Out'... 'Eggy-body Get Up'!"

Bring on 2016.

  • Beyonce: Then - Destiny's Child officially began life in 1996, and with diva-in-the-making Beyonce Knowles at the fore, they soon scored major hits and awards with tunes like 'Say My Name' and 'No, No, No'.

  • Beyonce: Now - Leaving Destiny's Child, Beyonce would become the reigning Queen of Pop, marry Jay-Z and become the power couple of the century. Beyonce has sold over 118 million records worldwide.

  • Abs (5ive) : Then - Singer, rapper, dancer, producer, philanthropist, visionary, philosopher. There are just too many words to describe the 5ive legend, who starred on hits like 'Keep on Movin' and 'Everybody Get Up'.

  • Abz Love: Now - With three top ten UK hits as a solo artist, recently Abz has found solace and his ground in a career in farming, and even nearly sold his 2000 BRIT award for £1 million pounds on eBay.

  • Annie Lennox: Then - The Scottish singer/songwriter discovered critical international acclaim as a member of synthpop heroes, Eurythmics. They're sterling efforts were recognised in 2005 when they were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

  • Annie Lennox: Now - Post-Eurythmics, Annie Lennox scored an OBE, performed her song 'Little Bird' at the 2012 London Olympics, and holds fundraisers for mothers.

  • Cheryl: Then - Before adopting a forgettable double-barrel surname, Miss Tweedy was the focal point of Girls Aloud - whose 2009 track 'The Promise' won the Brit Award for best single.

  • Cheryl: Now - When Girls Aloud disbanded, Cheryl took some time to find her feet, and landed with three Number One UK hits, and also went onto become the nation's sweetheart as a panel judge for The X Factor.

  • Diana Ross: Then - Not so much a contemporary pop act, but the founding member and lead singer of The Supremes can't be overlooked. Her troupe of Detroit songstresses are Motown's most successful ever act.

  • Diana Ross: Now - After leaving The Supremes, Ross would go on to create the template for a female artist's solo career, spawning over 25 studio albums and 97 singles, with 27 of her singles hitting the Top 40 US charts.

  • Gary Barlow: Then - You'd often find him topless, grinding homo-erotically on his Take That bandmates - but there's no doubt the lad had talent from an early age.

  • Gary Barlow: Now - After Take That disbanded, Barlow immediately focussed on a solo career and scored a number one album. However, he would struggle with a second album, and would reunite Take That in 2012, and remains touring with the multi platinum selling band as a trio today.

  • Emma Bunton: Then - Part of what only can be best described as a global phenomenon, Baby Spice had the world shouting about "Girl Power" in the mid-nineties. To this day, The Spice Girls are still recognised as the best-selling female group of all time.

  • Emma Bunton: Now - After The Spice Girls disbanded, Bunton would go on to forge a career as a radio presenter for HeartFM, and released two solo albums that would sell over 200,000 copies. She would return to perform with the Spice Girls at the London Olympics in 2012.

  • Kelly Rowland: Then - It must be hard living under Beyonce's looming shadow, but Rowland certainly did her best. As a trio, Destiny's Child made their mark as the world's hottest contemporary pop group.

  • Kelly Rowland: Now - Following Destiny's Child, Rowland would rack up hits with Nelly, David Guetta and on her own, selling over 27 million records in a career spanning 18 years.

  • Lee Ryan: Then - Blue's resident bad boy who once described himself as "in the top 10 rock n'roll artists - up there with Sid Vicious." Keep dreaming, Ryan.

  • Lee Ryan: Now - After Blue ended in 2005, Ryan would release a Number 3 UK album, and appear on Celebrity Big Brother. He would return to play and tour with Blue.

  • Mark Owen: Then - Even though Owen's vocal contribution were extremely limited in Take That's original run, he made up for it by winning the prestigious Smash Hits award for "Best Haircut" and no one can ever take that away from him.

  • Mark Owen: Now - Trying to go solo was tough for Owen following Barlow's choice to do the same, but he still has sold over a respectable 500,000 records. He also made a tremendous comeback as Take That reunited back in 2012. He still remains a member of the boyband.

  • Justin Timberlake: Then - Good old JT was N*Sync's standout member by a country mile. Not only could he sing like an angel and dance like a legend, but he could also bloody beatbox.

  • Justin Timberlake : Now - Leaving NSYNC for a chance on his own, JT would carve a career as a solo artist with three number one albums that sold over 26 million records, six number one hits and a marriage to Jessica Biel. Not bad going, Justin.

  • Mel C: Then - Also known as Sporty Spice, Melanie Jayne Chisholm toured the globe and sold over 100 million records worldwide as part of the Spice Girls.

  • Mel C: Now - After the Spice Girls split, Mel C would form and establish a great solo career, selling over 12 million records worldwide, with hit songs 'When You're Gone', and 'Never Be The Same Again'. She returned to perform with The Spice Girls in 2007 and 2012.

  • Michael Jackson: Then - Keeping it in the family with the Jackson 5, Michael's superb vocals and fluid dancing grabbed the world%u2019s attention. Timeless pop classics like 'ABC' and 'I Want You Back' helped young MJ's case, too.

  • Michael Jackson: Now - Alas, the former King of Pop is six feet under, but his legacy remains. His solo career is undoubtedly the greatest in terms of album and singles sales (13 number one singles, 400 million records sold), leaving behind over 45 years of music which the world knows and loves.

  • Geri Halliwell: Then - In 1994, Halliwell responded to an ad in The Stage magazine looking for prospective girl band members. If you don't know the rest of the story, then you've probably been living under a rock.

  • Geri Halliwell: Now - The 'Look At Me' artist forged a brilliant solo career with 11 Number One singles, and sold over 4.8 million records worldwide. Following her music career, Halliwell has also penned novels and represented the United Nations Population Fund.

  • Simon Webbe: Then - Blue were such a big deal in the mid-noughties that legends like Stevie Wonder and Elton John were eager to work with Simon and the boys. A hefty pay packet also helped the matter.

  • Simon Webbe: Now - Following Blue's success, Webbe's solo career took flight, with two solo albums selling over 600,000 records worldwide. He did however reunite with the boys and still tours from time to time.

  • Mutya Buena: Then - Before wholesale changes completely transformed the group, Buena was a third of the original Sugababes line-up. The girls incorporated dance and new wave influences to produce a batch of genuinely credible pop tunes.

  • Mutya Buena: Now - Buena tried to launch a solo career, and scored a Number 10 album with Real Girl, but reformed the original Sugababes lineup under the name MKS.

  • Nathan Sykes: Then - Sykes auditioned for The Wanted at the tender age of 16, beating thousands of hopefuls to the position. The assembled boy band went on to bag two UK number ones.

  • Nathan Sykes: Now - Sykes is currently looking at trying to be a solo artist after The Wanted broke up, and scored a US Number One Dance Club Songs hit with his debut single 'Kiss Me Quick'.

  • Nick Carter: Then - Everyone's favourite Backstreet Boy - probably because we can't remember the rest. A fresh-faced Carter and co took the world by storm in the mid 90's thanks to the chart successes of 'I Want It That Way' and 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'.

  • Nick Carter: Now - As Backstreet Boys ended, Carter carried on acting, singing and managed to get a top 10 album in 2002. Nowadays, Carter is more known for performing in Dancing In The Stars, and still occasionally tours solo and with Backstreet.

  • Nicole Scherzinger: Then - After flopping with one-hit wonders Eden's Crush, Scherzinger signed up as ringleader of burlesque troupe-turned-recording act, Pussycat Dolls. The group then sashayed into the limelight with provocative R&B anthem 'Don't Cha'.

  • Nicole Scherzinger: Now - Leaving The Pussycat Dolls, Scherzinger would sell over 16 million records as a solo artist, have 3 Number One hits in the UK, and would also appear as a contestant on Dancing in The Stars before finally finding herself in a judge's seat on The X Factor.

  • Nick Jonas: Then - As a mop-haired teen, Nick was thrust into the limelight alongside his two older bros. The Jonas Brothers released four albums, broke a million teen girl's hearts and starred in two shit movies.

  • Nick Jonas: Now - Following the Jonas Brothers, Nick has released two albums, with his sophomore and synonymous album selling over 388,000 copies.

  • Nicola Roberts: Then - Roberts was originally eliminated from reality show Popstars: The Rivals, but miraculously found her way back into the Girls Aloud fold after winning a wild-card vote. The girls enjoyed 20 consecutive top ten singles over a glittering career.

  • Nicola Roberts: Now - Following the end of Girls Aloud, Roberts campaigned with MPs for the banning of tanning beds for under 18s, and successfully passed the bill. She is also known as a fashion designer, and released two critically well received albums.

  • Shane Filan: Then - One fifth of stool-occupying balladeers, Westlife. The group earned acclaim singing about an 'Uptown Girl' and the obviously impossible feat of 'Flying Without Wings'.

  • Shane Filan: Now - The lead singer of Westlife would always find himself a career in music, and decided to carry on his own, putting out two well received albums in 2013 and 2015.

  • Rachel Stevens: Then - Every 90's kid has fond memories of S Club 7 and their collection of school disco-dominating pop hits. Impressively, Stevens and the other six S Clubbers bagged four UK number ones over the course of five years.

  • Rachel Stevens: Now - After S Club 7, Rachel released two albums which have sold over 100,000 copies. Stevens went on to perform at Strictly Come Dancing, and became a judge on The Voice of Ireland in 2014.

  • Ronan Keating: Then - The Dublin-born crooner joined Boyzone in 1993 and soon won the hearts of mothers across Britain. The band went on to sell 25 million records worldwide.

  • Ronan Keating: Now - The solo artist role suited Keating quite well, selling over 20 million records and penning hit songs such as 'Life Is A Rollercoaster' and 'When You Say Nothing At All'. Keating still tours sometimes with Boyzone.

  • Robbie Williams: Then - At 16, Williams was the youngest member to join record-smashing pop heartthrobs, Take That. While the five-piece meteorically rose to fame, he was always regarded as the collective's extroverted poster boy.

  • Robbie Williams: Now - Going solo was the greatest choice made by Robbie Williams. After selling over 75 million records worldwide, winning a record 17 BRITs, and having over 9 number one albums, you can say he did well.

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