For the war in Iraq...
Scott Colothan

14:22 20th November 2005

Rolling StonesMick Jagger has launched a scathing attack on Tony Blair for going to war in Iraq.

The news will be like a knife to the heart for old Tony, who is a big fan of the Stones and recently tried to boost his appeal to the music industry by attending the Music Hall of Fame.  

The big lipped Rolling Stones frontman told Spanish reporters: “It makes me angry that Blair already knew that arms of mass destruction were simply an excuse and had nothing planned for the day after."

He continued: “In Iraq, you have three irreconcilable groups - the Shiites, the Sunnies and the Kurds. Either you establish a very well thought-out system of confederation, or something will break. Only now is the United States discovering the reality of Iraq."

It’s not the first time The Rolling Stones have slammed politicians. Their song ‘Sweet Neo Con’ is an attack on Bush’s administration, containing lines like: "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite / You call yourself a patriot, well I think you're full of shit.

It continues: "How come you're so wrong? My sweet neo-con, where's the money gone, in the Pentagon."

As previously reported on Gigwise, the PM also came in for a bashing from Damon Albarn last week for attending the Music Hall of Fame. He said: “Call me old fashioned, but who on earth invited Tony Blair here tonight?”

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