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Daniel Melia

11:58 28th April 2006

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The Dears have confirmed the details of their new album, the follow up to 2004’s ‘No Cities Left’.

The long player entitled ‘Gang Of Losers’ is due out at the end of August and will be preceded by a single in June.

According to Murray Lightburn the record is “the best work we’ve ever done” and is “somewhat of a stripped down, raw affair”.

He added: “There is french horn in 2 songs and and saxophone in another. Though there is some mellotron-ny stuff, there are no real violins, violas or cellos. I guess that means that we're no longer ’orchestral’.”

The Dears are set to play Coachella this weekend are also scheduled for several other summer festival appearances including Wireless and V.

The track listing for ‘Gang Of Losers’ is:

Ticket To Immortality
Death Or Life We Want You
Hate Then Love
There Goes My Outfit
Fear Made The World Go ‘Round
You And I Are A Gang Of Losers
Whites Only Party
Ballad Of Humnadkindness
A Fell Deep
Find Our Way To Freedom

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