We're definitely left wanting more
Dale Maplethorpe
17:27 2nd February 2023

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The famous saying is “leave the crowd wanting more.” The idea that if you leave audiences waiting for a bigger slice of you, they are going to be more inclined to see what you have to offer the next time you come around. Whilst it technically makes sense, thom.ko might have taken it a little too literally on his blink and you miss it new single, ‘Take A Seat.

The track comes in at 1 minute 46, and though that isn’t exactly unheard of for a song, the way that the music is spaced means that you only get what is properly listenable for about 46 seconds. The first 40 seconds of the track is sporadic and messy, which is clearly intentional. It’s made up of layered and heavily effected lyrics that you’re barely able to hear over rhythmless high-pitched synth and trickling keys. This chaos creates atmosphere, a build which begs for a drop, which finally comes but after a little bit too long.

’Take a Seat’ was born out of humility and written in a time of turbulence to help centre myself,” said thom.ko about the track. “While motivation and self confidence can be useful, I find at times removing myself from the centre of my world, and down from a pedestal of self-importance, can help release some pressure I put on myself unintentionally.”

The beat which accompanies almost the rest of the track is very trip-hop like. There’s a lot of attack on synths and base so that your head starts nodding before you even realise you’re doing it. Over it are much comprehensible vocals provided by thom.ko which ride the beat incredibly well. About 15 seconds towards the end of the song, it gradually eases out and then it’s over before it’s even started.

The separate elements of the song work incredibly well, but it feels impatient once it gets going. The build at the beginning is good, which leads into a sweet sounding drop, but then as you’re finding the rhythm of the song, it ends, leaving you with no other choice other than to loop it again and again and again and again. So, take a seat.

You can listen to thom.ko’s new single ‘Take A Seat’ now


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