A good bop for good times
Dale Maplethorpe
17:54 2nd February 2023

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“Ugh, let’s do it,” are the first words that start this upbeat and catchy bop, which ring through before the intro kicks into gear. It’s a wah-heavy bass, clean guitar and light synth that give off the impression of a psychedelic Kate Nash. This is the introduction we’re treat to by Loveday on her brand new single, ‘Ugly Smile.’

Loveday is doing well and based off of the well-oiled production and fun nature of this tune, it’s only going to carry on that way. After already receiving support from Jessie Ware and getting backing from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra and Kiss FM, she now gives us a trippy disco that is worthy of any party playlist.

’Ugly Smile’ is about falling for somebody after leaving a toxic relationship,” she said when asked about the new single, “I wrote this track about my own experience, I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t going to get into anything serious because I was terrified of commitment after my ex had treated me terribly. However, I couldn’t ignore how strong my feelings were for this person.”

The upbeat nature of the song is clearly a sonic reflection of the positive feelings that were present for Loveday when writing. The dream like synths are a reflection of that initial floating feeling when you realise you are in to somebody. “Now that I think about it,” she said, “writing this song really helped me decide what to do.”

You can listen to Loveday’s new single ‘Ugly Smile’ now

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