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Daniel Melia

10:31 15th May 2006

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Gigwise caught up with The Rakes on Friday before their gig at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and they gave us an exclusive insight into their second album.

Though they’ve been touring incessantly since the release of ‘Capture/Release’ in 2005 but front man Alan Donohue revealed that they’ve still managed to start their second long player.

“We’ve got plans for a second album, big time,” Donohue explained. “We do rehearsing while we’re all over…when ever we have a few days spare, here and there.”

The four piece have so far three songs recorded for the record but Donohue added that fans should expect something a lot different to their first effort.

He said: “The first was a collection of singles…we did a demo with 22 Grand Job, Violent and Strasbourg, then made the album. But this’ll be different because we’re actually trying to make an album.”

“We’re trying to move away from the general albums out now…have you heard The Streets new album? It’s so one dimensional and we want to move away from that…we want to go deep but keep it simple…we want the high and the low.”

The record is expected to reach the shops sometime in 2007 with more recording due to start at the end of this year.

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest