Chris Cohen moves to The Curtains...
Daniel Melia

14:24 23rd May 2006

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Deerhoof bass player Chris Cohen has revealed that he is to leave the band to rejoin his previous project The Curtains.

Cohen announced the news yesterday via the bands myspace page saying: “As hard a decision as it was - I loved being in Deerhoof! - I really want to go full-time with my other band, The Curtains."

"This is the band that I've always done on the side (I started it with my friend Trevor before I ever joined Deerhoof) - and I feel a real strong pull to go and perform our new material live and focus all my energy into that. We're just about to finish a new record ‘Calamity’ which comes out on Asthmatic Kitty in the fall.”

The split was more than amicable with Cohen adding: "Deerhoof are still my close and beloved friends and we part ways on the best of terms - I wish them all the best and they do for me too. It just wasn't possible to go on when my heart was in another place.”

"I hope you all understand. I'll be looking forward so much to all the things Greg, John, and Satomi go on to do in Deerhoof and I can't wait to play the new Curtains music on tour this year!"

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