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14:39 6th February 2023

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It’s another Monday morning but Billie Marten is making it easier. Dropping ‘Nothing But Mine’, we havent heard a single this downright lovely in a long time.

With a good old fashion piano foundation and lucious slide guitar - it’s reminiscent of The Beatles with a true timelessness. Taken from her upcoming album Drop Cherries, it perfectly backs up the story and vibe of the record - made slowly on farms and recorded to tape for a nostalgia, raw feel.

Talking about the track, Billie said: “This was one we did right after dinner, everyone was loose, I started playing the song on the honky tonk in the corner. No one knew the song, this was I think the first / second take, it’s all about fluidity and losing yourself in the throes of sub consciousness. The line ‘wash my mouth, empty out all the dirt that you found’ was in reference to the dirt I carried from the previous album (cover), eradicating the judgement and darkness. I really enjoyed this one.”

Billie is one of the faces of our 7th issue, landing in stores on Valentines week.

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