He moans 'No one seems to notice us'...
Chris Taylor

12:25 18th November 2006

Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has claimed his band never get the credit they deserve for their world-wide success.

The singer says that the band go largely unacknowledged in their native Britain – even though they’re one of the few UK groups to really crack the American market.

He tells The Sun, “I don’t get it. We’re a band that has come out of England, lasted and done well. But no one seems to notice and it does hurt.

“It’s a struggle here to get recognition for what we’ve achieved. We’re that oddball band that people don’t know how to categorise. We don’t fit the rock category and are not pop.”

However, you’ll get a chance to pay your respects when Depeche Mode’s Best Of album is released next week.

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