Locked Down And Stripped Back arrives in February
Jessie Atkinson
13:44 18th November 2020

Rejoice, for indie favourites The Wedding Present have given fans what they want. Today, they announce Locked Down and Stripped Back, a record landing in February that presents twelve home recordings of the band's hits, plus two new original compositions. 

To celebrate, there's a home recorded edition of 1990 release 'Crawl' available to listen to now. Less driving than its original but still as fortifying as you remember, it's a gorgeous update arriving with a lockdown split-screen video showing the band performing together but apart.

The Wedding Present have been prolific as ever this year. David Gedge and co. announced a compilation of James Bond theme covers earlier this year, with all profits going to CALM.

Meanwhile, bassist Melanie Howard has presented her own solo music under the moniker Such Small Hands. Her debut album Carousel arrived in September.

Locked Down And Stripped Back Tracklist:

1.      ‘A Million Miles’ (Originally appeared on George Best, 1987)
2.      ‘California’ (Originally appeared on the Hit Parade, 1992)
3.      ‘Starry Eyed’ (Originally appeared on Cinerama’s Torino, 2002)
4.      ‘We Should Be Together’ ft. Louise Wener (Previously unreleased)
5.      ‘You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends’ (Originally released as a single, 1986)
6.      ‘Granadaland’ (Originally appeared on Bizarro, 1989)
7.      ‘You’re Just A Habit That I’m Trying To Break’ (Previously unreleased)
8.      ‘Crawl’ (Originally appeared on the ‘3 Songs EP’, 1990)
9.      ‘Sports Car’ (Originally appeared on ‘Mini’, 1995)
10.   ‘Deer Caught In The Headlights’ (Originally appeared on Valentina, 2012)
11.   ‘Blonde’ (Originally appeared on Seamonsters, 1991)
12.   ‘My Favourite Dress’ (Originally appeared on George Best, 1987)

Locked Down And Stripped Back arrives 19 February via Scopitones.

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Photo: Peter Koudstaal