An official debut album will finally arrive in 2021
Jessie Atkinson
11:07 11th December 2020

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Kojey Radical continues a prolific year of releases with a new single. 'Good' is an introspective track that's a true uplifting listen. An animated video for the cut will drop on Kojey's YouTube tonight. 

"Same shit, different day" Kojey begins, going on to express gratitude for life's small pleasures over a mellow track resplendent with soft percussion and synthesised keys.

"We've been through some hard times, dark times/if the light's on we gonna be good," he sings.

Kojey, who has struggled with depression, wrote of the song: "It’s been a crazy year of turbulence and self-reflection. I wrote “GOOD” as a personal reminder that we are still going strong despite the pressures and anxiety that life offers. It’s a personal reminder to be grateful for the little things as well the bigger obstacles. Cause there’s lessons in everything... and a personal thank you for making it out of 2020 with my sanity in tact. We are gonna be good <3️" 

He released the second part to his Progression Freestyle series in October and will release his much-awaited debut album in 2021.

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