'King Gizzard’s new album is definitely not coming out in February'
Jessie Atkinson
13:04 28th January 2021

Aussie innovators King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard are as prolific as any band around in recent years, and they continue to over-achieve today with the release of 'O.N.E', a brand new single which already has its own video.

Following December's 'If Not Now, Then When?' and last year's extraordinary album K.G., 'O.N.E' represents a further slice of the restless, innovative musicians playing with tech they made themselves and skewed signatures. It's definitely not part of a new album, if you catch our drift. "King Gizzard’s new album (y’all know what it’s called) is definitely not coming out in February," Stu Mackenzie said.

Melbourne creative Alex McClaren is behind the poppy scrapbook video the song comes with. "The song itself feels as if it’s constantly moving along so I tried to keep the visuals continually moving forward and sliding into different visual styles and landscapes," he said.

"Kevin Parker wishes he had the guts to write an album like this..." we claimed of November's K.G., "an album that really puts this band in a league of their own."

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Photo: Press