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Adam England
10:29 18th March 2021

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Former Llovers vocalist jak lvr has just dropped his first single as a solo artist, ‘Still’, his first material since the North-East five-piece parted ways last year.

Since then, jak lvr has been working on his solo career, and it looks to be paying off. ‘Still’ begins with an expansive indie-pop sound, all ethereal backing vocals and pulsating drums before becoming more chaotic as the track continues and then finishing with another uplifting chorus.

“Berate myself, ‘cause I’m no help/I’ll disappear, through atmosphere'' sings jak lvr, juxtaposing the quite contemplative lyrical matter with the rousing music. Musically, it’s not a huge departure from Llovers’ sound - perhaps a little more anthemic, but fans of the band are likely to enjoy the former vocalist’s new direction.

jak lvr describes the track as exploring “themes of self-doubt. How I often feel like I’m not the only one that suffers due to my inner struggles, other people tend to take collateral damage as a consequence. While continually trying to acknowledge that I’m still learning and even though it’s hard, it’s a process of life.

Musically this is supposed to sound larger than anything I've ever written before. It’s a personal song but it’s a broad message, self-doubt and self-loathing touches everyone, whether it’s directly happening to you or you're affected by someone going through it. It kind of makes you want to just shout. And that’s what this is.”

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Photo: Milly Hutchcraft