Infectious rock from Ireland’s new favourite indie band
Vicky Greer
13:26 18th March 2021

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Dublin’s Inhaler have release their newest single ‘Cheer Up Baby’ today, and revealed that their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This will be released 16 July. The lead single is a triumphant announcement for the album: an energetic anthem that will play well on stage once they can tour again.

With strong drums and layered guitars, ‘Cheer Up Baby’ is lovely piece of indie rock, and singer Elijah Hewson’s fantastic vocals cement them as one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands of the year.

The album has given them an opportunity to further explore the sound that earned them a dedicated fanbase, and the band have described ‘Cheer Up Baby’ as having that “classic, feel-good, anthemic, hopeful feeling that everyone seems to relate to on some level”.

It Won’t Always Be Like This Tracklist:

1. It Won't Always Be Like This
2. My Honest Face
3. Slide Out The Window
4. Cheer Up Baby
5. A Night On The Floor
6. My King Will Be Kind
7. When It Breaks
8. Who's Your Money On? (Plastic House)
9. Totally
10. Strange Time To Be Alive
11. In My Sleep

It Won’t Always Be Like This arrives 16 July.

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Photo: Lillie Eiger