Forgiveness will arrive in April
Jessie Atkinson
15:36 19th January 2022

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Girlpool have followed their beautiful recent single 'Faultline' with 'Love Lie Lullaby' and news of a new album called Forgiveness. Eerie and insidious, the lead single shows a darker sound to the forthcoming album.

While 'Faultline' was vocalised by Harmony Trividad, 'Love Lie Lullaby' shows off Avery Tucker's voice to great effect: his whispered register melds perfectly with the shimmering electronics of the soundscape.

“‘Lie Love Lullaby’ is a song about a time where I felt that my innocence affected my ability to choose a person who was good for me," Tucker said. 

“In the past, it's been painful to choose somebody that didn’t believe in me, and I think the most painful part was that I allowed myself to pick a person that didn’t recognize my entirety. I wrote this song wondering, did I recognize it myself? If I had the wherewithal to tolerate their minimizing perspective?” 

Forgiveness Tracklist:

1. Nothing Gives Me Pleasure
2. Lie Love Lullaby
3. Violet 
4. Junkie 
5. Dragging My Life Into A Dream
6. Faultline
7. Light Up Later (feat. Zsela)
8. Country Star
9. Butterfly Bulletholes
10. Afterlife 
11. See Me Now
12. Love333

Forgiveness arrives 29 April via Anti-Records.

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Photo: Amalia Irons