"I think there’s something very vulnerable about plainly expressing my desire to be kinder to myself..."
Adam England
17:08 28th April 2022

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MUNA have shared a new single, ‘Kind of Girl’, from their upcoming self-titled third album, out 24 June.

A slower, stripped-back number, ‘Kind of Girl’ follows on from last years ‘Silk Chiffon’, featuring Phoebe Bridgers, and ‘Anything But Me’, which came out last year. The Los Angeles band released their debut album About U in 2017, while the follow-up Saves the World came two years later. 

Speaking about the track, lead vocalist Katie Gavin says that “This song is the album’s country moment, and in some ways we feel it is the heart of the record. This song explores the power of language and the words we use to describe who we are and who we want to be. Even though it is a happy, hopeful song, I shed the most tears of the record in the vocal booth recording this chorus. I think there’s something very vulnerable about plainly expressing my desire to be kinder to myself and comfortable receiving love (and my desire to garden even though I kill everything I plant)."

“The video for this song highlights another layer of meaning that we feel the song holds, which is that we as queer people are particularly vulnerable when we are sharing how we identify and how we would like to be perceived. We wanted to play with the gendered nature of this song because we all three have different relationships to girlhood (and Naomi is non-binary, so not a girl at all!). It was a gift to be able to king for this video in a way that felt earnest and comfortable and hot. 

“The experience brought home the fact that it’s not enough for queer and trans people to be clear about who we are - we also need a community around us that hears us, believes us, honors us, and supports us. We’re very proud of what we made and grateful to everyone who was a part of it. We hope the bigots absolutely hate it.”

The trio, who have also remixed tracks for the likes of Marina, Alanis Morissette and Katy Perry, have also announced an in-store performance at Rough Trade East on 11 May, sandwiched in between a show at London’s The Garage the day before and The Great Escape Festival in Brighton the following day.

MUNA Tracklist: 

  1. Silk Chiffon
  2. What I Want
  3. Runner’s High
  4. Home By Now
  5. Kind of Girl
  6. Handle Me
  7. No Idea
  8. Solid
  9. Anything But Me
  10. Loose Garment
  11. Shooting Star

MUNA arrives 24 June via Saddest Factory Records.


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