Darker + heavier than ever
Vicky Greer
10:36 24th June 2022

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Ever since her pop-punk debut last year with lately I feel EVERYTHING, WILLOW has been spearheading the genre's revival while stretching its limits and collaborating with some of the biggest new names in alt-rock. Today, she’s back with another solo track in ‘maybe it’s my fault’, which sees her push her sound into even heavier new territories.

It's easy to fall into the oversimplified power-chord trap in pop-punk, so WILLOW has taken things a step forward sonically on ‘maybe it’s my fault’ by turning sharply into heavier hooks that’ll blow your mind. There’s no doubt about it, this is the kind of music WILLOW was born to make.

Hear ‘maybe it’s my fault’:

Here’s how she described the song:

“It’s all too often in tender emotional states we try to blame our hurts on other people. Even though none of us are perfect, in some capacity it’s us who allow ourselves to get into situations that don’t serve our highest purpose. ‘<maybe> it’s my fault’ explores what it’s like to hold ourselves equally accountable for the emotional pain we feel while also allowing ourselves to be human and fully process ALL of our feelings without shame.”

WILLOW is playing Reading & Leeds festival this summer.

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