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Brandon Charlesworth
13:02 30th November 2022

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The Los Angeles singer Wallice rounds of the year with her new single and Music video titled ‘Japan’. The single which features both an English and Japanese version takes the form of an atmospheric ode to reconnection with her father's homeland. 

This single of sentimentality explores her connection to her Japanese heritage through her family and her identity. Wallice commented: “My father was born and raised in Tokyo and my mother lived there for a couple years in the 90s, so Japanese culture has heavily influenced my identity. This song explores where home is and why I am so drawn to Japan.”

Sweet chiming guitar plucks kick of the track. Contemplative lyrics reverberate and float in the air above like falling cherry blossom. A soft string accompaniment swells in the background creating an introspective background as we are taken through the thoughtful meditations of the 24-year-old. 

The music video filmed completely on super-8 shows Wallice exploring the streets and concaves of Tokyo. It perfectly captures the essence of rediscovery and self-reflection in a stylistic and nostalgic manner. Wallice added: “It's such a place of wonder and unknown, and I hope this video can capture Japan’s beauty and mystique.”

Wallice is hitting the road to showcase her new single, kicking off with a show in Chicago, followed by stops in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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Photo: Nicole Busch