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14:59 6th December 2022

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We talk constantly about the effects TikTok has on the music industry, but with the release of their 2022 report, the impact is undeniable. A platform to thank for the rise of some of the year's brightest stars, breakthrough acts like Piri and Tommy, Fred Again and even Wet Leg can thank the app for a lot of it, while it also made Kate Bush a lot richer…

The headlines make it clear - this year 10 out of the 12 number one singles had a TikTok viral moment, drawing out a clear pipeline between virality and streaming success. From Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’, to that annoying Bruno song, the tracks that defined the year came from 15 second snippets whether you like it or not, and the artists you’ll see rise in 2023 will likely have major following.

But for 2022, meet the stars + risers:


video girl music video coming at midnight 👀 comment who u see hehe

♬ Video Girl - Abby Roberts

The Hitmakers

As the most viewed artists on the app, this category feels like a real snap shot of the industry at the moment. Mixing TikTok-first viral acts like Abby Roberts and Sam Ryder in with massive names like Harry Styles and Sam Smith, the impact of following is undeniable. It no longer a stretch to say that following can get you a career, but the tricky now and something to consider for 2023, is can that following make the career stick?

  1. @realstepz
  2. @samsmith
  3. @edsheeran
  4. @samhairwolfryder
  5. @abbyroberts
  6. @noguidnce
  7. @henrymoodie
  8. @altegomusic
  9. @itschelji
  10. @hshq

GO CHECK IT ON YT !!!! theres a frog in it

♬ words - piri & Tommy Villiers

The Breakthroughs

Boiling down all the success stories of the app this year into one handy list, these are TikTok’s picks for the artists that really blew up this year thanks to viral moments. With some obvious additions like TikTok darlings Piri and Tommy mixed in with names like Wet Leg who prove that all press really is good press if you take a look at their comment section - it seems we have a lot to thank the platform for. 

  • Sam Ryder
  • Venbee
  • Fred again..
  • piri & tommy
  • Wet Leg
  • Cassyette
  • FLO
  • Eliza Rose
  • Stepz
  • Cat Burns

And now let's see what pops off next year...

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