Prepare for a lot of acoustic covers...
10:00 9th December 2022

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After a post-festival break and a well-deserved rest following last years hectic album cycle, The Lathums seem to be returning to their origins. After getting back into playing pubs and bringing their music to the small stages that birthed it, new track ‘Turmoil’ is an ode of the start of it all. 

A big ballad if we ever heard one, your mum will absolutely love this track… and we mean that in the best way. Like if Lewis Capaldi just gave it a bit more welly, or if Arctic Monkeys made The Car without getting too into french new wave, ‘Turmoil’ is a plain and simple love song, backed up by strings, a solid piano base and a slow build that will have even the most bitter hearts getting into it. 

As the second track released from their upcoming album, ‘Turmoil’ suggests we might be moving in a more sincere direction. Stripping back the indie bravado for a track that is bare and vulnerable - it’s a beautiful move from the boys, and one that could win over previous critics. 

Prepare for a lot of acoustic covers of this one, we might have a new classic on our hands…

‘Turmoil’ is out now.

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Photo: Ewan Ogden