The cinematic approach done brilliantly
Dale Maplethorpe
16:50 30th January 2023

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A lot of the time music is described as cinematic, and in truth, it’s often a go-to word when it’s hard to properly describe a sound. That being said, when you listen to the new single ‘Rainbow’s End’ by Codie EGO and watch their new music video, to describe the two as anything other than cinematic would simply be untrue.

Codice EGO are an Italian alt-rock group and their previous work was very much instrumentals and atmosphere. They have deviated from this with their new single in order to make the track a lot more reliant on vocals. Not to mention, sonically, the song is a lot grittier, relying more on noise and hard-edge industrial sounds.

The tone is relatively low, creating an almost tense backdrop as the intro kicks in. We are met with slow drums and a low humming bass straight out of a horror film that pushes the listener towards the opening lyrics and accompanying distorted guitar. The vocals throughout the track are quite monotone and they don’t deviate from this, yet as the song progresses it still manages to build as there are layers and layers of static, industry and instruments piled on top of one another.

Going back to the cinematic element, the lyrics in the song were contributed to by the Italian author and poet, Luca Ragagnin. The band take inspiration from different movies and books in putting together a story that makes its way throughout the song. The video helps with this, depicting what the band refer to as “a post-apocalyptic scenario in which a man tries to find the cure for something unknown.”

There is more depth to this however, with inspiration for the song also coming from experiences throughout the pandemic. “We have to struggle with so many things,” they say, “inside and outside ourselves, and the video is a kind of metaphor for how we felt during the last pandemic; closed for weeks in our apartments wishing for a better ending.”

If you enjoy layered music, both in the sense of the production of a track but also the meaning behind a song, Rainbow’s End is the one for you.

You can listen to the new single by Codice EGO now

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