A sweet song for a friend
Dale Maplethorpe
17:16 30th January 2023

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There is something quite intimate about a song which is written for one person and one person only. There are likely a million and more tracks out there like this that have never been shared but thank god the new single, ‘Violet’ by Lexie Carroll isn’t one of them.

“I wrote ‘Violet’ because my friend was going through a difficult time and it was hard to get through to them,” said Lexie when talking about the single, “so in the song I’m just saying “hold on, I know your brain’s saying it won’t get better, but it will.”

As soon as the track starts, the listener is thrown into opening lyrics, downward strumming on a bluesy guitar and drums of one two three four. Lexie seems to have a good mastery over her voice, providing lyrics in a way so that they are sure of themselves but delicate at the same time.

The chorus is as catchy as they come, without throwing its catchiness in your face. There’s no escaping this is a pop song but those elements of what make is as much aren’t as blatant as they are in a lot of other music. It makes for a more rewarding experience as a listener.

Lexie Carroll seems to be going from strength to strength with her song writing ability and it’s exciting to see where she might end up next.

Listen to the new single ‘Violet’ now


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Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins