A stripped back bop
Dale Maplethorpe
20:33 31st January 2023

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Kailaya has already managed to get a decent sized following after her first few singles, but they fall by the waist side when lined up against her newest offering ‘Blueberries and Pain.’ This track comes with Latina infused guitar and RnB vocal melody to create a massive sound in what is actually a relatively stripped back song.

“Blueberries and Pain is the story of my on-going healing,” says Kailaya about the single, “it symbolises the strength in vulnerability and the human connection that comes with being honest about your struggles. It is a friend to me on a hard day, and I hope it will be the same for others.”

When the track starts, Kailaya’s voice is so full and sure of itself, whilst still conveying sincerity, that you would be forgiven for thinking it’s more than just her voice and a guitar, but it is. There is gentle plucking in the background as Kailaya welcomes us into her struggles and gently guides us through them.

The song is layered afterwards thanks to multiple harmonies and the introduction of bass and drums, but the star of the whole piece is her singing. She manages to keep the track bouncy with different vocal melodies that sound fantastic. The whole song, despite discussing troubled times, is a bop and something that you can sway to. It’s a fantastic piece by a songwriter who has an exciting future ahead of her.

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