It's an emotional one
12:57 1st February 2023

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With a friendship group that included dodie, Orla Gartland and Greta Isaac - you already know that the calibre of Martin Luke Brown’s music is going to be high. It has been since 2015. But as he steps into a new era, his sentimental songwriting has well and truly levelled up with new track ‘elsie’ summarising his artistic mood and mission of late.

Singing about early connections that will forever shape who you are, ‘elsie’ truly is an ode to the people that make you. As the final lyrics kick in, repeating “i’m what i am just the son of a flawed man, still tryna figure it out at 27”, it’s this candid vulnerability that has us well and truly hooked on what Martin is doing lately. Merging incredibly tender storytelling with intricate instrumentals - he’s filling a clear gap for great, acoustic tunes and male voices unafraid of softness.

Alongside the track, Martin has announced his debut album. Arriving on May 17th, Damn, Look At The View seems set to be an emotional one. And if ‘elsie’ is anything to go by, or previous singles ‘love is a black hole’ and ‘grateful’ - it’s going to be a beauty.

‘Elsie’ is out now.

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