It's like Christmas Day
Dale Maplethorpe
11:10 6th February 2023

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BDRMM have gone from strength to strength following the release of their debut album in 2020. The post-shoegaze quartet received acclaim from critics and fans alike as their sound embedded in dream-like effects and sonic oblivion offered something different to what music fans had grown accustomed to at the time. It led to them headlining festivals, selling out venues and taking to the road with Mogwai.

Being busy touring, there hasn’t been a lot put out on the new music front in the past couple of years apart from the occasional single here and there. That changes today as the band release brand new sing ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’ alongside a plethora of announcements that will have BDRMM fans checking their calendars to see if that post-lunch snooze has lasted longer than anticipated and it’s still Christmas Day.

Let’s start with the single. ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’ is a full-bodied and heavy tune laced with emotion. It’s sweet sounding and throws you into protagonist dream sequence right from the off. The layering and variety on offer here acts as a remainder as to why people are such fans of BDRMM in the first place.

The lyrics are haunting but left open to interpretation. The band confirmed that on one hand it could be, “about the times over the years where it’s been hard to continue being a band, and where it would have been easier to bow out. But we didn’t.” A droning ‘where do you get off?’ plays in the background amongst distorted guitars and low humming bass. “For me, the songs all have a multitude of meanings.”

Following the release of this new single, BDRMM have also announced that they will be releasing a new album, ‘I Don’t Know’ in June this year. It looks like touring with Mogwai has proven prosperous as the new album will be released under their label. “We’re so excited to have signed to Rock Action,” BDRMM said, “after touring with Mogwai and forming such a close relationship with them, we feel blessed to have been invited to work with them and their team. To be on the same label as Arab Strap too? I mean, say no more…”

Finally, BDRMM have also confirmed they’re going to be doing a string of headline shows throughout the year, which will see them head to the likes of their hometown of Hull, Glasgow, Bristol and many more. Included in the list is their biggest headline show to date at London’s Scala.

BDRMM proved themselves a force to be reckoned with following the release of their debut. With an inspired sound and exciting live show, it’s no wonder they have carried on to have such success. Now, we can only wait in anticipation for the release of more new music and a large headline tour. Nobody likes waiting, but having all of this come within the space of just a few months? Say no more…

You can listen to the new single ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’ now


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Photo: Katherine Mackenzie