A good single to start a good year
Dale Maplethorpe
15:18 23rd February 2023

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Throughout lockdown people occupied their time with different activities. A lot worked from home, some took the time to reset, some doom scrolled their phone for hours on end, whilst Fellow Robot worked on recording their newest album ‘Misanthropioid’. This week, to get fans excited for the new album, the band released their first single from it, the heavy and energetic ‘Talk To Me’.

This is a showcase of post punk at its very finest. A booming track stuffed silly with energy but incredibly accessible for fans of all genres. The tune begins with a metronome before guitar comes into play and we’re ushered into a verse that sounds like a mosh pit opening. From there, the song only builds further on top of itself, creating an exciting sound that will be expanded upon throughout the new album.

“It’s our soundtrack to the last few years,” said the band, “it’s a diverse take on the perception of emotion, especially regarding how we feel about our fellow humans.” The album promises to be equal parts energetic and dark, touching upon the shortcomings of humanity whilst also creating a sound that inspires hope and togetherness.

The album is coming out with a graphic novel which has been illustrated by Josh Wolf and is made up of lyrics from previous releases. There is clearly a lot going on for the band at the minute and the single is the perfect way to get everything started.

Listen to ‘Talk To Me’ by Fellow Robot now  


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