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Jason Gregory

09:49 24th October 2007

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Led Zeppelin were the biggest band in the world at their peak according to frontman Robert Plant.

Plant has admitted that the band weren’t in competition with anybody because their was no competition.

He told Uncut: “We were Led Zeppelin. We were at that time the biggest band in the world. There wasn't anyone else. There was no one near us. We were out there on our own.”

Plant added that their forthcoming one-off reunion show at the O2 Arena on November 26th isn’t about “blowing everybody away” anymore. Instead, he said, “blowing myself away is the issue. That's what it's all about now."

After ruling out the prospect of a full reunion tour, Plant was asked what he thought about contemporary bands like The Who and the Rolling Stones continuing tour.

"They're doing what they're doing. It keeps them off the streets, I suppose," Plant said.

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