With 'In Rainbows'...
Jason Gregory

15:34 16th November 2007

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Fatboy Slim has revealed that Radiohead’s latest album has been the biggest source of inspiration for his new material.

The DJ and music producer, real name Norman Cook, said that “the shockwaves of how they've released it [‘In Rainbows’] are going round the music industry."

The now infamous album, ‘In Rainbows,’ was first made available for fans to download at a price of their choosing.

Cook told the LondonPaper: "Artists are beginning to realise they don't need record companies any more, before we were their bitches and they got the lion's share of the money.

“It might be the death toll for traditional record companies as we know them, but I'm not shedding a tear."

‘In Rainbows’ will get a full release on CD and vinyl on December 31st.

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