But band unrepentant...
C Taylor

11:44 16th March 2008

James have revealed the controversial artwork for their new album has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The baby with a gun cover of ‘Hey Ma’ now won’t be coming to a billboard near you following the ruling, but according to James’ lead guitarist Larry Gott the band are undeterred by the decision.

He tells XFM, “We talked at length about hitting a problem with the Advertising Standards Authority, but it’s such a strong image we decided it go with it anyway.

“The scale of the reaction has been a surprise, but we kind of expected there’d be some ripples. We were looking at lots of ideas with the designers and they came up with an image of a baby and a gun that related to a story in America of a ten month old child that had been issued a firearms certificate.

“Firearms are dangerous, they’re not to be taken likely, and we as a society are becoming over familiarised with the image of gun and gun culture.”


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