If she is elected Americas next president...
Jason Gregory

11:24 11th April 2008

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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has attacked democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton – calling the senator from New York “ghastly”.

Waters, who admits to being a fan of Clinton’s rival for the democratic nomination, Barack Obama, said that Clinton would invade Iran if she was elected America’s next president.

“I was so disappointed the other night when the ghastly Hillary got Texas and kept the whole thing going," he told the Independent.

"Please God, let's not have this woman! Hillary will want to make her mark and show that she can be just as good as a male president, and she will fucking invade Iran.

“Trust me. She voted to declare the Iranian Republican Guard a terrorist organisation!"

Despite being ineligible to vote, Waters, who lives in New York, said he would “buy a whole page in The New York Times” in order to “fly Obama's flag”.

“But I would be terribly afraid they'd go, 'This is that pinko shitbag who's attacking our President in time of war',” he added.

Clinton and Obama next face off against each other in the Philadelphia primary on April 22nd.

The eventual winner of the democratic nomination will go head-to-head with Republican John McCain in the battle to become the country’s president in November.

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