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Jason Gregory

11:46 15th October 2008

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Oasis' guitarist Noel Gallagher has said stars like Amy Winehouse have been “wiped out” by their fame.

In an interview with Time Out magazine, Gallagher said he believes success affects everyone differently - and that only some personalities can handle it.

"I'm not embarrassed by wealth or fame or stardom. It's what I was born to do,” he said.

"For some people that level of fame can hit you really fuckin' hard. I'm not having a go at her, but the likes of Amy Winehouse have been wiped out by that.

"Whether people would care to admit it or not, that's fame that's done that. Sometimes people think they're not worthy of it, so they build a shell around themselves which cannot be penetrated."

Winehouse has endured a huge tabloid following as a result of the worldwide success of her second album 'Back To Black' and well-documented drug problem.

Her last public outing came at a charity ball in London last month. You can see pictures below.

Amy Winehouse performs in London

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