The Gallagher brothers rift gets the Michael Jackson treatment...
Scott Colothan

12:20 2nd September 2009

Shortly after the death of Michael Jackson, a spoof video was posted on Youtube of scumbag Adolf Hitler blowing his top at the news.

The clip was lifted from the 2004 movie 'Downfall' which depicts the final days of the Nazi's leader's life - as played by Bruno Ganz - with fake subtitles on top.

Now the Oasis split has been given the same spoof treatment.

In the clip Hitler bemoans “I lost my virginity listening to Oasis” and that he took his first LSD trip while listening to 'Be Here Now'.

At the point of despair, he asks an assistant what to do now. The response? Try Kasabian. Genius.

'Adolf Hitler' reacts to Oasis split:

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