Fans challenged daily to get early access...
Andrea Trachsel

15:59 1st August 2011

J.K Rowling's Harry Potter website Pottermore has opened for early registration due to it's 'overwhelming demand'.

Pottermore, J.K Rowlings online project will allow fans to get extensive background material on the Potter series as well as accessing the seven books online. The project was set to officially open in October, however it was announced that one million users could enter a competition to be granted an early access to the beta version of website.

The competition, which started yesterday, will last for a week allowing fans to secure their place on a daily basis. Everyday new fans are asked to answer a cryptic question in order to take part in the 'Magical Quill' and get a chance to discover the website early.

However the competition does not end there. Fans will only be able to enter the website after receiving a 'welcome letter' from Pottermore. These will only be send out after the competition has ended on August 7th and will alert the selected fans when they will be able to start using the website.

The Pottermore website has been experiencing very heavy traffic, especially with the beggining of the second 'Magic Quill Quest'. The website showed messages confirming that the site was in 'overwhelming demand', and asked fans to patient whilst the page was refreshing.

Demand for the early access was so high that registered users have already placed their account for sale on eBay.

Pottermore will be available for everyone as of October.

Pottermore: Behind The Scenes Of The New Harry Potter Venture   

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