Joss dumped by GAP for ‘underage’ fling…
Davina Earl

15:24 24th July 2005

Soul giant, Joss Stone, has been dumped by retail Goliath, GAP, for her ‘underage’ relationship with producer Beau Dozier – meaning the removal of a contract worth one million smackers.

Stone, now aged 18, was revealed as the new face of the chain thanks to her fresh-faced image (not including her piggy currant eyes) – but caused outrage by moving in with Beau at the tender age of seventeen. By Californian law that meant she was underaged.

A Gap spokesperson quoted on said: "People take the age of consent extremely seriously in America. The backbone of Gap's business is in small towns in Middle America where people are very, very conservative, especially in the Southern Bible Belt."

"As a result I think they have made it pretty clear that Stone's association with the company is over. Big companies such as Gap always err on the side of caution."

The clothing company are now replacing Stone with Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame. Apparently Williams doesn’t drink, fart, smoke or have sexual intercourse. And she’s a devout Christian.

Look on the brightside Joss, at least now you won’t have to do one of those piss poor dance routines that poor old Madge and Missy Elliot were reduced to.

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